Meet The Team - Kyle Hopkins

1.       Run us through a typical working day….

I start in the office at 9am each morning with a cup of Yorkshire’s finest tea. I then usually check our social media platforms & ensure things are running smoothly with all of the tenancies we manage. The majority of my day is made up of checking rent payments, paying invoices, dealing with maintenance issues and scheduling inspections but I deal with pretty much anything relating to the properties we manage! I also provide the jokes & party tricks to keep the office entertained.

2.       What is your proudest moment at Adore Cardiff?

My proudest moment at Adore was becoming a permanent member of staff. I started at Adore as a trainee for six months, I then became an apprentice for a year & now I am a permanent member of staff. I think the hard work that I have put in over the past 18 months has not only helped secure my post but also grown the business. Together Joe & I have developed efficient practices that ensure customer satisfaction – I love hearing customers say how “different” we are to the rest!

3.       What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

During the week I keep myself busy going to the gym & playing rugby. Being a young man I am a big fan of the Cardiff nightlife & enjoy spending time with friends & family.

4.       If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

If I could live anywhere it would probably be in either Miami or LA. I love the hustle & bustle of a busy city, a vibrant nightlife & I could sure do with a tan! I secretly would love to get into a Hollywood film, potentially co-staring next to my favourite actor - Leonardo DiCaprio.

5.       What is your favourite thing about Cardiff?

My favourite thing is having my friends and family so close. There’s nothing better than being able to pop home to Mum’s for a Sunday lunch! There’s always something to do in Cardiff, whether you like getting into the party spirit or just relaxing, Cardiff really does have something for everyone.

6.       What sort of music are you into and who is your favourite artist?

My taste in music is about as varied as it can be I think! From reggae by Natty & Bob Marley to Grime by Skepta & Stormzy I like a little bit of everything!

7.      What is your top tip (if you had to pick one) for landlords?

My top tip to landlords is to plan and be prepared. It is so vital do your homework, get professional advice & be realistic. Many people think buying & renting houses is easy money, there are however often significant hurdles along the way that need to be overcome before you  become a property millionaire! :)

8.     Do you have a claim to Fame?

I was an extra in Carries War!