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Referral Terms & Conditions

  • The Adore Cardiff Referral Scheme is open to people who are able to refer a landlord with a property to let to the company Adore Cardiff that has not already been valued or offered for let previously by the company.
  • The payment of £50 is payable to the introducer upon the successful commencement of the first tenancy if arranged by Adore Cardiff. Payment will not be made for any subsequent tenancies.
  • The Scheme will only pay once for each property introduced. In the event of two or more referrals being received for the same property, only the first referral received will be accepted.
  • Referrals must be in writing by email, post or completed referral card, with the full details of the introducer and the Landlord being introduced.

Adore Cardiff reserves the right to withdraw or amend the scheme at any time without written notice.

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